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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long have you been in business?
A. South Windham Post & Beam Co, LLC has been building homes, barns and additions in Central and Eastern Ct. for over 25 years.
And now we are introducing a timber frame only option all over Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

Q. What exactly is a timber frame or post and beam home?
A. These terms refer to a house's wall and roof structural framing. In a post and beam house or timber frame structural components are large timbers (generally 6x6 to 10x10) strategically placed 4'-12' apart.
S.W.P.& B.Co uses only traditional mortise and tenon joinery without the use of any metal hardware or fasteners

Q. Why would I want a timber frame or post and beam home?
A. The architectural and aesthetic aspect is probably the primary reason customers choose this style of construction. Another very important reason is that these homes perform exceptionally well. The panel enclosure system drastically reduces air infiltration and the frame itself is an excellent thermal mass reducing heating and cooling costs.

Q. How are these frames (homes) typically enclosed?
A. Almost exclusively the interior wall surface, wall and roof insulation and exterior sheathing is provided by a product designed specifically for this type of construction as SIPS (structural insulated panels) also known as stresskin panels, which are applied to the outside of the frame.

Q. What are the insulation values for these panels?
A. The insulating foam used in the panels is 3 1/2"- 9 1/2" thick
Depending on the type of foam used the R values are approximately 5-7 per inch, resulting in wall R values of 17-38 and roof R values of 38-60

Q. What species of wood is generally used for your frames?
A. Oak, Pine and Hemlock are the local species used and Douglas Fir is the wood of choice from outside this region.

Q. What are the advantages/disadvantages of local versus Western species?
A. The local economy benefits from buying timbers locally as well as a reduced impact on the environment. Timbers from the West are more stable (shrink less) and have a grade stamp already provided.

Q. How long does typical construction take?
A. S.W.P.& B.Co can design, cut and erect a timber frame on your foundation in approx. 6 weeks. And depending on the level of our involvement S.W.P. & B. Co can buid your custom house in 3-6 months.

Q. What services do you provide?
A. For projects in Central Eastern Ct. S.W..P & B. Co. can offer any and all services needed to construct your home, barn or addition. This might include everything from site preparation to trim.
For projects further away S.W..P & B. Co. will design, cut and raise your timber frame and install stresskin panels (SIPS)

Q. Are timber frames and post and beam homes more expensive than those conventionally framed?
A. The labor to design, cut and erect a timber frame makes this style of construction slightly more expensive (10-15% above a similarly designed). This extra expense is usually recovered in reduced heating and cooling costs. Once the frame is erected and the panels installed our homes are built the same as any well constructed house.

Q. Are there any square foot estimates that we can use to approximate costs?
A. Installed timber frames begin at approx. $20 per Sq. ft. of usable floor space.
Completed homes begin at approx. $175 per sq. ft. certainly depending on many customer driven decisions.

Q. Why should we hire you for our next building project?
A. We like to think that the reason we do not have any unsatisfied customers (please ask us for references) is our dedication to craftsmanship and our commitment to customer satisfaction. When the owner of the company is working on your job every day your decisions and wishes need not be communicated through some chain of command. You tell me what you want and I do it. I learned carpentry so I could build my own house. When I finished I realized I could help others enjoy the reality of designing and building the home of their dreams.